Science Coach is a non-profit organization committed to helping the next generation of STEM professionals by providing services and products for 6th-12th grade teachers and students completing advanced authentic research experiences. This powerful ecosystem of support includes professional development, authentic research curriculum, a network of mentors, research supplies, advanced lab access, insurance, and much more… Click on the links below for more details.

Parents and students, if your school does not offer an authentic research experience, click on the Student’s/Parents link, and learn more about our live online student research class taught by one of our experienced, successful Teacher Coaches.

What’s New

– Introducing the Science Coach Value Bundle – core curriculum and research-focused professional development all in one easy-to-purchase package! Click HERE for more information. Visit our booth at the Interface Conference for a show special!

– Science Coach Bioscience Research Webinar Series – Reserve your virtual seat today – $75/session or $300/series of 5 webinars. First session is October 17th, 2023 (Video recording link provided following each paid session). Click HERE for more information and to register.

– AIM Student is online research/innovation instruction that can be used by schools and individuals. Click HERE for more information.

– Science Coach recruits 6th-12th grade teachers to participate in Science Coach Complete, a year-long professional development program. Click HERE for more information.

– Science Coach and Quest Diagnostics Collaborate to Grow Future Medical Laboratory Science Workforce – Click HERE to read full article.

Albert Einstein once said “The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

Think about this: every single discovery and invention started with a question. Inquiry is the path to change; questions inspire investigations which lead to hypotheses which guide experiments. And experiments result in contributions to the greater body of knowledge, cures, technologies, and solutions to existing challenges and those we have yet to face!

Imagine if we inspired students with the confidence and ability to ask their questions in a scientific way?

When we ask better questions,
the entire world benefits.

Since 2007, Science Coach has been engaging 6th-12th grade public/private/home schooled students in the process of scientific inquiry so they can tackle the problems of today and tomorrow. The Science Coach program teaches students to choose questions of personal interest, create procedures to test hypotheses, arrive at answers with validity, and build confidence in solving real world problems. Schools pay their teachers to coach sports teams. Science Coach pays teams of teachers to coach students to create accomplished science fair projects.

Students are encouraged to never stop
questioning and inspired to use science to
effect real world change.

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