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Care Protocols & Use Scenarios for the Model Organism C. Elegans
October 17, 2023    3:30-4:30 pm CST
Presenter: Ms. Elizabeth “Betsy” Boedeker

In this webinar, Betsy will share her extensive knowledge on the care of C. Elegans and delve into their critical role in scientific research. Information will be provided on the essentials of maintaining and nurturing these microscopic nematodes, from culturing and feeding to their unique lifecycle. She will also highlight some of the applications of C. Elegans as model organisms. Whether you’re an experienced researcher or simply intrigued by the power of this tiny creature to advance scientific understanding, this webinar offers an exciting journey into C. Elegans care and their primary role in cutting-edge research.

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Navigating the World of Drosophila Care
November 28, 2023    3:30-4:30 pm CST
Presenter: Ms. Stacey Walker

This session will delve into the fascinating world of Drosophila, commonly known as fruit flies. We will explore the intricacies of Drosophila care, from their housing and dietary requirements to their lifecycle and genetics. Discover how these tiny creatures have become indispensable tools in scientific research, serving as model organisms for a wide range of biological studies. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just curious about the role of Drosophila in advancing scientific knowledge, this webinar promises to provide valuable insights into the care and primary scientific applications of these remarkable insects.

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Digital Microcredentials, Practical Assessment, and Skills-First Hiring: Modernizing the Traditional Education/
Workforce Pathway

January 23, 2024    3:30-4:30 pm CST
Presenter: Ms. Angela Consani

 This presentation explores the innovative dynamics of identifying, assessing and onboarding organizational talent. As educational pathways evolve, digital microcredentials have emerged as a powerful tool for skill and knowledge acquisition.  These bite-sized, specialized certifications offer learners the flexibility to certify their expertise incrementally. This session will explore practical assessment methods and their advantages. Learn how these micro-credentials might be included as part of an authentic research course.

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Public Speaking Skills for Effective Communication of Scientific Research   
February 27, 2024    3:30-4:30 pm CST
Presenter: Dr. Teresa Boman

Even the best of research projects can be diminished when a presenter is not confident in their public speaking ability. Confidence when speaking can improve how well others understand you and ensure that the take home message remains with your audience.  This session will provide tips and tricks to make sure that your student researchers feel confident when presenting their research.

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Exploring the Ethical Uses of Generative AI in Authentic Research Classrooms   
March 27, 2024    3:30-4:30 pm CST
Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Barlow

Generative AI technologies have exceeded early timeline performance expectations, including ideation and problem-solving, thus providing a tool to transform the research landscape. Generative AI tools are impacting academic settings, offering assistance to students and instructors alike. This presentation will not only explore the remarkable potential of generative AI but also emphasize the crucial role educators play in shaping students’ responsible and ethical utilization of this technology for positive academic outcomes. Join us for an eye-opening discussion that empowers the next generation of researchers.

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Register for the Entire Series – $300
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