When students want to take SCIENCE or INVENTING to the next level, they need AIM Student.

Advanced Innovation Methodology (AIM) for Students

AIM Student is all the content an instructor needs to teach research in a hybrid or flipped mode, allowing valuable classroom time to be spent on mastering advanced concepts and helping students with their research project. AIM Student is delivered on Science Coach’s Canvas installation or on your own school’s Canvas instance. AIM Student aligns with AIM Teacher and is fully customizable. There are two semesters of advanced authentic research content – taking a student from discovering their why, developing their personal project topic, conducting their research, to presenting their results or invention at competitions.

There are always students who are hungry for a challenge and love science or inventing. By using AIM Student, they learn the skills for developing an authentic scientific research project. Whether taught by an instructor at their school or by one of our experienced, successful Coaches, students learn about the pursuit of scientific knowledge when investigating their own scientific questions.

  • Students are successful at regional, national, and international scientific competitions, winning almost two million dollars in scholarships and prize money.
  • Lessons directly tie to students’ personal research projects, increasing relevance to the student.
  • An interdisciplinary approach incorporates multiple subjects into student-specific, project-based learning.
  • The Canvas Learning Management System provides easy online access including Canvas’s mobile app.

AIM Student has two great use options – a school can purchase licenses for classroom use or individual students can apply to take our year-long course taught by an experienced Science Coach.

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AIM Student Flyer

AIM Student is online instruction that guides students through the research/innovation process.

  • Students engage in lessons that guide them to complete research or an invention in a topic of their choosing.
  • Valuable critical thinking, ethical reasoning, inquiry and analysis, problem solving, teamwork, quantitative literacy and oral and written communication skills are practiced.
  • Career Connections help introduce students to potential careers.
  • 5 E Inquiry Model (Gold Standard in Science Instruction)

Two Semesters of Lessons Incorporate Active Learning

  • Lessons directly tie to students’ personal research and innovation projects, increasing relevance to student.
  • Each lesson allows them to take control of their own learning.
  • Interdisciplinary approach incorporates multiple subjects into student-specific project-based learning.

Canvas Allows for Flexibility and Customization

  • AIM Student includes the learning outcomes for each lesson, videos, presentations, handouts and auto-scored assessments.
  • Project Pathway Assignments allow students to submit their key milestone work to Canvas as they develop their project.

The online program that can be used by schools and individuals

AIM Student – School Program

  • Licensed by school for classroom student use

  • Includes the curriculum and online student activities

  • Led by the school’s teacher, who provides live project assistance

  • Fully customizable and aligned with AIM Teacher

  • Use valuable classroom time for project research development

  • Teacher access is free

  • Easy and cost-effective to implement

  • AIM Student does not conflict with content curriculum

AIM Student – Individual Program
AIM Online Research Class

  • Includes the curriculum and student activities.
  • Led by an experienced Science Coach teacher, who provides live project assistance.
  • Students will complete the online lessons and participate in live classroom activities to assist them as they develop their projects.
  • The Science Coach provides:
    • Support for research topics
    • Assistance with research design
    • Help with technical questions
    • Weekly virtual meetings
  • Students receive a grade and completion certificate at the end of the course. (This is currently not a dual credit/ enrollment course. The grade nor credit will apply to your high school transcript. A formal certificate from Science Coach will be provided at the end of the course.).
  • The Science Coach Teacher manages the student’s progress with support from the local adult in charge.
  • Science lab access is available.

“In my first year of science research, my project was extremely rudimentary and did not experience much success. Nevertheless, I learned exponentially about the scientific process and the next year I came with a fire burning under me. I realized that failure yields the best lessons. Now, I am a better researcher and scientific inquirer because I was able to grow from my first years in science research.” ~ Zoe Martonfi, Junior, Eldon High School
(Following Zoe’s second year in Science Coach; preparing for her third/senior year)