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Sponsor a 6th – 12th Grade Student’s Research Project

If you are interested in sponsoring a student’s research project based on their topic that helps solve your problem, Donate Online now or mail a check payable to Science Coach at 4340 Duncan Ave., Suite 100, St. Louis, MO 63110. In the memo, write Sponsor-A-Project.

Below is just a sample of advanced authentic research project topics to choose from:

  • How to eradicate brush honeysuckle or prevent it from spreading or populating.
  • How to identify blue green algae pondside in a timely manner and determine if it is toxic blue green algae in order to address the issue before animals start dying.
  • Any aspect of the various medical laboratory sciences, for example virology, hematology, disease detection, antibiotic resistance, cell culturing, bacteria, white/red blood cell research, image detection in computer science, robotic automation for lab specimens.
  • Attempting to asymmetrically synthesize a drug only found in nature to create a cost-effective way to mass produce a drug known to be capable of treating ailments from cancer to HIV.
  • Engineering development of a small scale unmanned Ionocraft aircraft capable of lifting small data-collecting instruments, packages, and/or cameras.
  • Effectiveness of washable masks using natural ionic properties of silk fabric.
  • Developing a mobile app that predicts migraine onset so patients can pre-medicate to reduce severity.
  • Designing a robot to detect a color and change its motion based on that color for use in industrial automation.
  • Multiple Sclerosis research of lesions using c. elegans.
  • Engineering a unique prosthetic leg, making use more comfortable.
  • Using data mining techniques and bioinformatics to potentially correlate a connection between an increased cancer risk and hair dye.
  • The effect of Alu elements found in the human genome on aging.
  • Novel engineering solution improving gas mileage in tractor-trailer trucks.
  • Inventing a produce wash for commercial applications to leafy greens to reduce e-coli contamination.
  • Effects of Acetaminophen on Photosynthesis Rates of Algae in the Ozarks
  • Creating a natural herbicide for commercial farming applications to reduce runoff into streams and rivers.
  • To try to cure or mediate connective tissues issues of people with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, research will be measuring the effects of CBD oil on the formation of collagen protein.

With your donation, we will attempt to identify a student interested in researching a specific topic of your choosing.

Based on a tier-level, the sponsor-selected student(s) receives dedicated supply funds for their research and a small stipend for the student and teacher once the project is completed. In return, the sponsor receives three update emails from the student and an invitation to the student’s competitions and the Science Coach Symposium.

Science Sponsor Tier-level Donation Amounts – based on the student’s grade-level (Supply Funds/Student Paid/Teacher Paid):
– 6th-8th Grade – $700 Donation ($200/$100/$100)
– Freshman -$750 Donation ($250/$125/$125)
– Sophomore- $1,000 Donation ($500/$150/$150)
– Junior- $1,500 Donation ($750/$200/$200)
– Senior- $2,000 Donation ($1,000/$250/$250)


Science Coach is a 501(c)3 non-profit and a collaborator of BioSTL. 100% of the donations through this page will be used to provide STEM supplies to area students and are tax deductible, as allowed by law.  All undirected funds will be distributed equitably among our participating schools.