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Our nation and our world need innovators, problem-solvers, challenge seekers, and change makers.

Filling the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) pipeline with internally motivated students who have mastered critical thinking skills is vital for the domestic and global economy.

Just imagine if your contribution could be instrumental in spurring a student’s passion for researching a disease and that knowledge contribution resulted in a cure? Think about if your dollars created the pivotal experience that redirects a budding scientist’s life? What if your donation could change the course of history?

As a social entrepreneurship program, Science Coach engages 6-12th grade students and teachers in developing the critical thinking skills needed for project-based STEM research. The Science Coach program coaches students to choose questions of personal interest, create procedures to test hypotheses, arrive at answers with validity, and build confidence in solving real world problems. It encourages students to never stop questioning and inspires world change through science projects.

Donating to Science Coach may directly impact the world in which we all live. How many other philanthropic causes can provide you with the opportunity to effect true change? Donors can influence the questions students investigate and celebrate in discovery!

Companies and individuals donate to Science Coach at all levels to help ignite a lifelong passion for science and engineering. Investing in this program allows you to invest in the future of innovation.

Below details how your funds are used:

  • Sponsor a team for a complete 3-year cycle in a specific district/area (covers one Head Coach and five Teacher Coaches, 50+ students, equipment, and supplies for three years): $108,000
  • Sponsor a team in a specific district/area (covers one Head Coach and five Teacher Coaches, 50+ students, equipment, and supplies): $36,000/year
  • Sponsor the equipment needed by each teacher: $1,025/teacher or $5,250/team
  • Sponsor a senior student to complete their senior year of research: $2,000/student
  • Sponsor students to compete in high-level juried science fairs: $75/student
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“I donated to encourage students to do science fair projects. Whether they win competitions or not, they learn critical thinking skills, become a more scientifically-literate citizen and often discover a passion which drives a career decision.”
– A.D., St. Louis, MO