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Hannah Davis, 12th grade, Hayti High School, Dual expressing cells have been found to be the fundamental factor that causes Type 1 Diabetes

Mallorie Coffee, 11th grade, Jackson High School, Solving the antibiotic resistance of Strep by preventing the initial release of toxins

Devanshi Patel, 12th grade, Holt High School, Industrial manufacturing of chemicals could be made more efficient, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly by using different catalysts.

Macy Steber, 11th grade, Holt High School, Vitamin D supplementation could reduce the need for insulin in type I diabetics

Amaya Kopp, 12th grade, Holt High School, The expression of the TRVP4 gene in humans could potentially affect the development and progress of multiple sclerosis.

Cora Sverdrup, 12th grade, Holt High School, Music in different keys could potentially affect creative expression.

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Sam Berkley, 12th grade, Governor French Academy, I wrote code that creates constantly-changing passwords that cannot be broken by hackers

Eli Jones, 11th grade, Jackson High School, Current developments towards the total synthesis of the new potential drug candidate Lindbergin E could allow for the cost-effective, large-scale preparation of the drug and its analogs.

Brenton Goyea, 9th grade, Governor French Academy, Pomegranate peel powder was the most effective of three methods tested for cleaning up oil spills

Winston Pais, 11th grade, Jackson High School, Extended iPhone usage was found to have a negative impact on one’s cervical neck bone angle

Tahlor Johnson, 11th grade,  Governor French Academy, Shampoos with sulfates, such as Pantene and Garnier, cause hair dye to fade at an accelerated rate

Sage Reagan, 9th grade, Governor French Academy, Thrash counts show effect of heavy metals on C Elegans and may predict neurodegenerative disease

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Elanor Murphy, 8th grade,  Timber Ridge Academy, The Effects of Low Frequency Noise from Wind Turbines on Drosophila Melanogaster

Sophie Little, 9th grade,  Timber Ridge Academy, Drought Tolerance in Setaria viridis and its Application to Worldwide Crops

Madisyn Swan, 11th grade,  Hayti High School,  Bacteria Growth on Toothbrushes

Jah’niihya Barringer and Cloey Phelps, 12th grade, Hayti High School, Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals in Water Using Duckweed

Meegan Sanders, 11th grade,  Hayti High School, How Cognitive Learning is Affected by Carbon Dioxide Levels

Stemaiya Robinson, 11th grade, Hayti High School, How Does Air Pollution Affect Our Crops

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Brandi Peoples, 11th grade, Hayti High School, How Does Air Pollution Affect Our Crops

Hayley Mattern, 12th grade, Holt High School, Evaluating mutations in Volvox algae could help us understand the development of multi-cellularity

Emma Shields, 10th grade, Jackson High School, Putting Clams to the Test

John Stewart, 12th grade,  Governor French Academy, Seat distribution and calculated efficiency gap indicates effective fairness metric for district map

Isabella Navarre, 9th grade,  Governor French Academy, Computer Vision and Machine Learning were able to correctly identify different flower species from photographs
Catie Vincent, 10th grade,  Governor French Academy, The general public is most likely to be accepting of deviance in a social setting

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Gracyn Pietrusinski, 12th grade,  Holt High School, The inclusion of a different type of antigen could make a more effective flu vaccine

Sophia Lange, 9th grade, Timber Ridge Academy, Blinded by Science
Daniel Wamsley, 8th grade,  Timber Ridge Academy, Creating a Mutant Volvox Library to Improve Biofuel Research

Katherine Phillips, 12th grade, Jackson High School, The Effect of Platinum (II) Chloride on Cancerous Lung Cells

Megan Steber, 11th grade, Holt High School, Vitamin D supplementation could reduce circulating blood sugar in type I diabetics
LaNita DeVine, 11th grade, Holt High School, Development of a reporter plasmid for RSV is a necessary first step in creation of an RSV vaccine

Kevin Luster, 11th grade, Hayti High School, The Crystal Structure of 2-Amino-4, 6-Dihydroxypyrimidine Determined from X-ray Crystallography

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“The Science Coaching program has provided my students the resources necessary to conduct science fair projects and has helped me be a better teacher.”
– Ben Martin

“Being a Science Coach has been a very rewarding experience. I feel much more confident and knowledgeable about helping my students achieve success when doing independent research. Many of my students have won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Mastodon Art/Science Regional Fair as well as special awards ranging from scholarships to the opportunity to apply for additional science fairs, including the International Science and Engineering Fair. ”
– Amy Kimbrell, High School Science Teacher and Science Coach, Crystal City, MO.