Module 00: Introduction to Innovation

  • Creativity And Innovation
  • Working Within A Team
  • Characteristics Of Innovators
  • Design Thinking

Module 01: Introduction To Research  

  • Why Conduct A Research Project
  • Exploring Science Competitions
  • Scientific Research Changes The World
  • Sharing Research Findings
  • Where Can Research Be Conducted?

Module 02: Developing A Research Question

  • Creating A Logbook
  • What Makes A Good Research Question
  • Research Questions Around School, In Nature And Everywhere
  • Create Your Research Question
  • Finding A Mentor

Module 03: Conducting A Literature Review

  • What Is Scientific Literature
  • What Is A Literature Review
  • Literature Review Databases
  • Potential Problems With Literature Reviews
  • Conducting Your Literature Review
  • Writing Your Hypothesis

Module 04: Research Ethics & Integrity

  • Intro To Ethics And Integrity In Research
  • Ethical Issues With Living Beings
  • Ethical Issues With Handling Information
  • Governing Bodies Of Ethics
  • Ethical Scenarios

Module 05: Study Design I

  • Types Of Variables
  • Writing A Procedure
  • Quantitative And Qualitative Studies
  • Mixed Methods Study Designs
  • Designing Quantitative And Qualitative Studies
  • Study Design Implementation
  • Student Presentations

Module 06: Study Design Ii

  • Types Of Qualitative And Quantitative Studies
  • Observational And Survey Study Designs
  • Surveys And Focus Groups
  • Applying Observational, Survey And Focus Group Study Designs
  • Correlation And Causation
  • Correlation Study Design
  • Quasi-Experimental _ Experimental Study Designs
  • Applying Experimental Study Designs
  • Designing Your Experiment

Module 07: Conducting Your Experiment

  • Bias And Sample Sizes
  • Designing Your Data Collection
  • Materials Lists And Laboratory Safety
  • Aseptic Technique And Sterile Workspaces
  • Refining Your Procedure
  • Carrying Out Your Procedure

Module 08: Data Analysis Using Descriptive Statistics

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Applying Real World Data
  • Analyzing Data Using Google Sheets
  • Analyzing Real World Data Using Google Sheets

Module 09: Data Analysis Using Statistical Analysis

  • Introduction To Statistical Analysis
  • p Values
  • Significance Testing, T-Tests
  • Chi Square
  • Linear Regression
  • Analysis Of Variance Test (Anova)
  • Applying The Appropriate Tests
  • What Bad Statistics Can Do

Module 10: Results & Conclusions

  • Constructing Graphs
  • Applying Data Organizational Skills
  • Interpreting Graphs
  • Developing A Conclusion And Discussion
  • Developing Your Conclusion And Discussion

Module 11: Writing A Scientific Paper

  • Parts Of A Scientific Paper
  • Writing A Scientific Paper
  • Literature Review, Procedures, And Materials
  • Results, Discussion And Conclusion
  • References And Apa Format
  • Abstracts

Module 12: Presenting Results

  • Creating Your Presentation Or Demonstration
  • Creating Your Speech
  • Using Props And Visual Aids
  • Speaking Techniques
  • Practicing Your Speech
  • Presenting Your Project Virtually

Module 13: Reflection

  • Successes And Failures
  • Future Goals
  • Making A Plan To Continue This Project For Next Year’s Research

AIM Teacher development was graciously supported by the Tracy Family Foundation, The Saigh Foundation, & Science Coach Benefactors.